Residential/Commercial Design

Whole House Engineering, LLC (WHE) strives to stay up-to-date on current technology, codes, and methodology to best incorporate into design practices.  WHE’s proven knowledge in structural design is utilized in order to provide cost effective, value engineered designs in accordance with applicable building codes which not only meet customer budgets, but provide the most efficient use of time and money for all trades involved.

WHE is capable of providing design documents for both commercial and residential facilities.  WHE will work with local jurisdictions, design partners, users, and trades in order to complete projects in a cost effective, efficient, timely, and professional manner.

WHE strongly believes in utilizing their knowledge in truss engineering to perform early conflict resolution.

Renovation and Remodel Design

When new design is not an option WHE offers services for structural redesign and analysis of existing structures.  WHE prides itself on being able to help customers create the features of their homes that they desire without having to design and build a home from scratch.

Inspections, Forensics, and Assessments

In addition to providing new design services WHE also provides field inspections, reports, and assessments for existing structures.  WHE provides professional in depth reviews of the issues at hand with professional recommendations in order to resolve those issues.

Pre-Fabricated Wood Truss Engineering

WHE has extensive knowledge of pre-fabricated wood truss design, ANSI TPI -1, and BCSI recommendations.  WHE additionally services leading truss manufacturers in the industry.  Along with acting as delegate truss engineer for truss manufacturers WHE also provides additional related services.  These services include field friendly repair designs in order to resolve issues, bracing design, truss framing plan services along with many others.